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How do I take full advantage of EmployRI's benefits when I post my résumé?

It will take a little longer to complete all the steps of the Résumé Builder, but the advantage is huge - your résumé will get more hits from employers who are hiring and you will match more job openings. When you enter your skills, they too will match jobs postings you may be qualified to perform.

Complete My Background details first. The résumé builder will incorporate this information so you won’t have to re-enter it. When using the résumé builder, some steps will allow you to update your background information if you change info. Click Next between steps to proceed. Click Skip this Step if the step doesn’t apply to you. When choosing a template, you may preview it first to see the layout and section order.

  1. Log into EmployRI;
    Click Résumé Builder from the Quick Menu on the left; Click Create New Résumé.
    Select Internal Résumé, name it and choose employer accessibility type. Click Next.

  2. Select your desired work location, click next.
    Select your occupational title, click next. The next several step will ask you to confirm various pieces of information. Click Next or update the information.

  3. EmployRI will ask you to select a template to format your résumé. There are several standard templates in EmployRI, or you can create your own. To use one of EmployRI's, simply drop down the arrrow in the current template box, and pick one.

    To create your own, click the check box next to each item you'd like included in your résumé. You can preview the format you've chosen by clicking Preview Sample Résumé with this Template at the bottom of the screen. Give your template a name and click Save.

  4. The next several steps will ask for more information; some of the info will be brought in from your background info, and some will need to be typed in. Read through each screen carefully, answer any questions that are asked and fill out any missing information. Click Next though each screen. Or if the information doesn't pertain to you, click Skip this Step. Remember, the more information you include, the easier it will be for the system to match you to job openings and potiential employers.

    You will need to confirm or enter the following:

    - desired work location
    - occupation and salary
    - education and training history
    - employment history and job skills
    - occupational licenses and awards you hold
    - technology skills
    - contact information and references

  5. Once you reach the last screen with your contact information, Click Finish.
    Review the résumé created and click Save Résumé and Return.

    You’re now ready to apply to jobs posted in EmployRI

    NOTE: If you’re an Unemployment Insurance claimant, the Call Center is automatically notified that you’ve met the requirement to post your résumé to EmployRI.

    Ready to Post a Résumé in EmployRI? Click here to begin - you must log into EmployRI before you can begin.

    Watch videoWatch instructional videos on posting a Résumé in EmployRI - Part I, Overview | Part II, Creation

    Click here for printable instructions on How to Register and Post a résumé in EmployRI

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